About us

Our mission
Ballast Nedam Park & Connect (P&C) specialises in designing and building high-value mobility infrastructure links, like multi-storey car parks, bridges, and viaducts. As a self-learning company, we believe and invest in collaboration, in people and in relationships. We have changed our production process by transitioning from custom-made, single-use products to industrially-produced masonry of outstanding quality. These products can be used and re-used many times.
Ballast Nedam P&C is reducing the carbon footprint of the supply chain to a minimum by applying SIMS: Smart Industrial Modular Solutions. We are now using our first modular ‘building blocks’ in our custom products ModuPark, ModuBridge and ModuTrans.

Our vision
The dream of Ballast Nedam P&C is a fully circular living environment in which people can move around easily, readily, and safely to connect with one another. With our products, we are improving the infrastructure, mobility and quality of public spaces in the Netherlands. And we make construction projects of great social value that we are proud of. By 2030, we want all our products to be capable of 100% unlimited re-usability.