Connecting and enriching public spaces

Reaching people, spaces, ambitions and needs

  • Provinces want to improve access and flow between cities and towns by making better, more effective road connections.
  • Municipalities are looking for solutions to optimise the liveability of their residential and recreational areas by creating or improving connections.
  • Nature organisations want to promote biodiversity by providing animals and plants with larger interconnected habitats. This gives them more ability to reproduce and spread.
  • Residents and locals want to be seen, heard, and involved when plans are introduced that affect their experience of their nearby public spaces and the liveability of their environment.

At Ballast Nedam Connect, we understand this mixture of ambitions and needs. With our permanent supply chain partners, we are glad to make a positive contribution to a sustainable, liveable environment. We connect motorists, cyclists, horseback riders and animals with each other and with nature. We design and construct sustainable bridges, ecoducts and viaducts. Taking initiative, ensuring a base of support, and keeping everyone involved going the same direction: we’ve been doing it for years and we’re proud of what we do, in the Netherlands and on distant shores. Ballast Nedam is part of Rönesans Holding, one of Europe’s largest international construction companies.

We dream of a fully circular living environment in which we reduce the carbon footprint of our supply chain to a minimum. We do that through SIMS: Smart Industrial Modular Solutions. We are already using our first modular masonry in our custom products ModuBridge and ModuTrans: concepts for temporary bridges and viaducts. By 2030, we want all our products to be capable of 100% unlimited re-usability.