Driving: through the customer’s eyes

Every parking need has its own dynamic and interests

As a public initiative-taker, you’d like to increase local parking capacity. You want to strengthen functions and optimise the quality of public spaces in a sustainable way.

  • As an investor, you are looking for an investment opportunity that will deliver demonstrable returns for many years.
  • As a financier, your choices are based on reliable value retention, or better yet, increased value.
  • As a manager, you expect a garage that’s practical to maintain at low operational costs.
  • Users want safe and affordable parking in a well-lit multi-storey car park with good visibility that is close to their destination—often a hospital, office, shopping centre, recreational venue or train station/airport.

At Ballast Nedam Park(ing), we understand this mix of ambitions and needs. Together with our permanent supply chain partners, we put ourselves in the place of our customers. We design, finance, build, manage, and maintain that car park, which meets or exceeds their requirements, wants, policies, and interests. We take the initiative, ensure a base of support and keep all interested parties going the same direction. We’ve been doing it for years and we’re proud of what we do, both in the Netherlands and on distant shores. Ballast Nedam is part of Rönesans Holding, one of Europe’s largest international construction companies.

We dream of a fully circular living environment in which we reduce the carbon footprint of our supply chain to a minimum. We do that through SIMS: Smart Industrial Modular Solutions. We are already using our first modular masonry in ModuPark, a parking concept for temporary, above-ground multi-storey car parks. By 2030, we want all our products to be capable of 100% unlimited re-usability.